Brand Culturalisation – Creative Internal Brand Alignment from the Guys at Google

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Brand Strategy and Design is Just the Beginning.
When we reach the stage of a brand project where the differentiating strategy has been set, the brand identity has been designed and brand communications executed, we know the largest and often the most critical task is just beginning.

Brand culturalisation can be a challenge for every organization. Having all staff not only understand the brand, but singing from the same page of the hymn book is critical to the ongoing health of the brand. Once the brand strategy and design work has been done, the way an organization’s people bring that brand to life through all they say and do, each and every day is what drives the long term equity of the brand.

Google have got a pretty good handle on it as this video shows:

A great exercise in creative, internal brand alignment.
We spotted this beauty on Brandchannel.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Minister for Brand Culture
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  1. It can be difficult enough to get your team to understand your brand let alone actively live and breathe the brand.
    Google is smart. What an engaging way to get staff involved and have fun with their brand,

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