Energetik Trade Services – Tradies gone Social Media Experts

We recently wanted to get a hot tub installed on the studios balcony. So, we contacted a couple of local Tradies for a quote. The company that we went with was Energetik, and the decisions to go with them was based on price, timeframe and knowledge about the job, like any regular service based industry.

But, what we found out halfway through the project was that these savvy Tradies have been using social media to demonstrate to potential clients their skill and knowledge.

Energrtik has documented the process and uploaded photographs of works in progress to their Facebook page so you can see what is involved in the project. It is a great use of social media. A lot of companies are pro-social media, but have little idea on how to make it work effectively for their business. We all know the basic tasks of most jobs, but as they say, the devil is in the detail, and energetik have found a great way to capture their process and present it in a way existing and potential customers can understand and see where their cash has gone. The beauty of this type approach is that it builds trust in your brand and creates a point for people to refer you on, with photographic proof.

Check out the photos of the work on the studios balcony, ok, so there is no hot tub…

If you would like to have a hot tub with us and discuss some social media strategies the get in contact.

Lachlan ‘Hot Tub’ McDougall


  1. It strikes me as unusual for a trades brand like these guys to be so far ahead of the curve in the use of new media like social. This must give this brand a massively unfair advantage over their competition. I love seeing this kind of disruption to a market. Good on them.

  2. Hi all, We at Energetik are very proud of the work we have put into our website and face book. the results have certainly been beyond our expectations. We value the clients we have served as a result of this social media broadcasting and also the feed back that we get. We strive to maintain a high standard in workmanship and professional skills through training and keeping up to date with regular courses at TAFE and the Plumbing Industry Commission.
    The relationship we hold with our customers is very important and high emphasis is put into maintaining these relationships.

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