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The Powerful Art of Brand Story Telling.
One of the great challenges for many organizations is the ability to tell rich and evocative brand stories. Even when they have clarity about the themes of their story, finding the right place and the right way to tell them is a hurdle too big to overcome. Swedish collective Front Design helps women in rural South Africa tell their stories to the rest of the world, using beaded typography on glass vases. The result is an inspiringly unexpected masterclass in story telling.

The Story Vases, which debuted at the Milan furniture fair this year, tell the tales of five women who live in rural, post-apartheid South Africa. The women share their personal stories touching on everything from love and business to death and the impact of HIV on their lives in the remote reaches of KwaZulu-Natal. The typography was designed by Front, and the women, all members of a beadcraft collective, did the bead work.

For every business there are a myriad of opportunities to tell the story of your brand. From front line staff training to web site design and copy, packaging design to social media strategy, from delivery van graphics to staff uniform design, the list of ways and places to tell your brand’s story is endless. Brand story telling provides an equal opportunity for businesses of any size with any level of marketing budget to create an indelible connection with their audience. The challenge for every organization is to commit the time to the important task of crafting their brand story, and finding the way, place and times to tell it. I think you’ll be surprised how well your audience responds to the age old art of story telling.


visual communications designers Melbourne

The vases are on view at Milan Design Week through April 17.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Master Brand Story-teller
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