Timothy Goodman's Ace Hotel Mural – Beautiful Environmental Brand Design

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Beautiful, Evocative Brand Story Telling.
When the Ace Hotel decided to open in NYC they commissioned illustrator/designer Timothy Goodman to create a unique mural for the new hotel. Timothy joined a rather exclusive group of illustrators who have done-so previously for this hip hotel brand.

The Ace Hotels are not the first to have employed artists to create new and exciting brand experiences for their guests – Denmark’s Hotel Fox probably take the cake for the first and the best – but when it comes to a hotel brand leveraging illustration to create a consistent brand experience across their portfolio, the guys at Ace deserve a round of brand design applause. Using illustration as part of your brand design strategy can create a powerful tool for brand story-telling.

Here at Truly Deeply we love this approach. Recently when we re-designed and re-launched the Spudbar brand, we worked with awesome Melbourne paste-up artist Miso to create artwork both in the stores and across the brands visual communications (you can check out the Spudbar brand identity re-design project here).

Timothy says of the project:
Opening in NYC last year, with locations in Seattle, Portland and Palm Springs, Ace is known for its hipster and motorcycle chic aesthetic. The lobby buzzes with lots of people, furniture, music, laptops and espressos. Their café, Stumptown, has gained lots of praise, along with their British gastropub, The Breslin, which is run by the owners of the Spotted Pig in the West Village. Oh, and Q-Tip spins every Friday night. Not bad, right?
While brainstorming in the weeks before, it was important to ask some larger questions before I started my sketch: What’s its relevancy? What’s its importance? Can it become engaging or participatory? Having an idea for a mural that’s both relative to the space it exists in and reflective of the culture around it is not an easy task to accomplish. However, I felt it was something I had to account for.
With those questions in mind, I hand drew 99 picture frames to create a dense wall of “discovery” about NYC that could be passed to the common tourist staying in the room. Each frame contains a different fact / love / tidbit / thing of interest / or shout-out to a place I dig in the city. At roughly 120 square feet, the art was drawn imprecisely to capture the spontaneity and grit of the city. I used paint markers and opaque black paint to help this technique excel. Consequently, it became a labor of love, an act of obsessiveness that was pleasantly grueling.

We say; ‘a lovely piece of evocative visual brand design Timbo’

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You can check Timothy Goodmans site here: blog.tgoodman.com
Photographs by Mark Dye.

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  1. A really nice approach by Ace Hotels. I love that the outcome was achieved by hand and not printed. Helps creates a very special and unique space. Especially when most hotel rooms are generally pretty plain and seem to look all the same.

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