How Engaging is your Brand's Communication?

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Engaging Brand Communication.
We are all engaging, it’s within our DNA to be interested and engaged by things. As brand communication has evolved, we too have evolved in the way we engage with brands. Seventy years ago we were happy to hear someone we trusted tell us about a brand on the wireless. Fifty years ago, when we saw those brands come to life on TV we were again engaged. The next generation of consumers once another layer of engagement again. We want to be involved with the brands we love and trust, not just spoken to as a passive audience. That’s not to say television and radio have lost their relevance – far from it – they remain the most potent way to communicate to a mass audience. But on their own these above the line mediums do not provide the answer, merely the most effective way to deliver their part of an integrated brand communications campaign.

For all brands of all shapes and sizes, one of the most pressing demands is to create engaging communications interfaces for your audience. Whether that is turning a piano store into a mini-recital theater, a delivery van into a moving call to action, or training your staff so each of their customer interactions leaves an indelible brand impression – the art of connecting with your customers has never been a more critical component of every businesses strategy for growth.


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