IKEA Creates a Powerful Sense of Brand Mood

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Designing Brand Communications with Mood.
One of the challenges for all retailers is to create a sense of ‘mood affinity’. A brands’ ability to connect themselves with a strong sense of ‘mood’ in the hearts of customers is a precursor to their ability to stir those same associated emotions in connection to their own brand. This piece of IKEA brand story telling attempts and I think delivers on this very challenge (check the clip after the jump).


Here’s the finished ad. I’ve gotta say I don’t get the cat thing – but they still capture the mood beautifully:

For a look behind the experiment of IKEA release of 100 cats into its Wembley store in the UK – check them on Facebook http://facebook.com/ikeacats
To celebrate the integrated campaign IKEA also released a feline friendly Cat-alogue, which can be seen at http://ikeacat-alogue.co.uk/


Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Brand Designer and More of a Dog Kind-a-guy
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  1. I must admit I’m with you Dave, I really don’t get the cats. That being said it’s a very clever piece of brand storytelling. Perhaps next time they could use puppies to help convey the brand mood.

  2. The choice of cats was slightly confusing at first – then mood created in the end was beautiful. I would have liked to see it done with children instead – someone a consumer can relate to a little better.

  3. I had no idea there’d be such a polarized view on cats. The impact on the brand communication is still a refreshing one as Chris points-out. Whilst i find the ‘making-of’ a bit creepy, for me the final ad transcends the whole cat/dog thing, and stands out from the more obvious dog solution.

  4. Hi Kim, the association between cats and IKEA may seem like a stretch on the surface, but the most powerful brand association here is actually between the sense of ‘home’ the cats create and the IKEA brand – an that is right on the money.

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