Levi’s on a Mission

This week in Los Angeles, Levi’s is unveiling the latest installment of its Levi’s Workshops.  Having already conquered New York with their Photo Workshop in October last year, and more recently San Francisco with its Print Workshop, the brand is moving to the home of movies, Los Angeles, with a new Film Workshop.

Truly Deeply brand design

The Film Workshop will be a temporary venue, within the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, designed for collaboration and creative production in celebration of filmmaking.  The site will allow members of the public to access and use professional resources such as editing rooms, equipment and training, free of charge.  In addition, the Workshop will allow individuals to engage in educational workshops lead by various professionals and collaborators to learn about everything from the basics of shooting to using the very latest digital camera equipment.


Accompanying the workshops, will be an Art in the Streets exhibition, which is the first major US museum survey of graffiti and street art.  The exhibition will feature paintings, sculptures and interactive installations by 50 of the most dynamic artists.

LA’s Film Workshop :

Truly Deeply brand design

Truly Deeply brand design

San Francisco’s Print Workshop :

TRuly Deeply brand design

Truly Deeply brand design

New York’s Photo Workshop :

Truly Deeply brand design

The workshops were originally designed as part of the company’s Go Forth marketing campaign, in the hopes of paying homage to the principles of hard work and civic engagement.  As much as Levi’s should be congratulated for its unique and engaging idea, they ought to also be congratulated for their subtle branding.   While many brands would have chosen to splash their brand mark throughout the project, Levi’s chose a quieter approach, which we feel is just as effective.  By engaging with local communities and allowing people to experience rather than be told about the values of the denim brand, Levi’s were hoping to localize the brand, and eventually change the perceptions individuals, both within the organization and externally, have around the brand.

If you want to engage your own brand-initiated program, or want to find a way to engage to change consumer perceptions, why not give us a call.

Nikki Williams
Client Account Manager

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  1. Thanks for the post Nikki. I love when brands take the back seat and let the creative of the project shine through. It is a true testament to the brands confidence and shows consumers that they are part of the tribes they wish to communicate with.

  2. Thanks for the comment Kim. It’s so rare to see a brand take the back seat and it’s such a refreshing thing to see! It would be great to visit the workshop and get a feel for how the consumers are responding to the brand gesture.

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