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Parkour – Urban Movement Redefined.
It’s official – there’s an academy for just about anything in the universe. For anyone who hasn’t seen Parkour before – it’s an unbelievable blend of urban gymnastics meets jackass. This video is a promo for the soon to be launched Tempest Freerunning Academy in California. The Avcadamy’s ‘dedicated to the growth and spread of freerunning and parkour’.

In our goal to present the full spectrum of unique brand experience and design innovations from all over the world – our collection wouldn’t be complete without a reference to parkour – the reinvention of movement in urban spaces as we know it.


Brands of all shapes and sizes have been leveraging parkour’s urban cred for a few years now. Nike featured parkour early-on in these ads:

This one for Snickers (??!!):

And for Sprite:

The BBC:



Even McD’s has jumped on the parkour train:

We could have added another dozen ads – as the list brands harnessing themselves to the parkour/freerunning star expands – how long will this urban sport movement keep its cred with the audience?


  1. Add the ABC and James Bond to that list, and I’m sure there’s a least one car brand version doing the rounds at the moment.
    As a metaphor for the active, urban youth has parkour jumped the shark?

  2. Thanks guys, some great comments. As Derek put it – parkour has jumped the shark – when the larger brands with a tenuous right to claim the edgey, urban youth cred begin aligning themselves with this type of movement, the cred of parkour is the most likely loser. A pity.

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