The King of Personal Brand

Mohammed Ali

Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee

Inside or outside the ring Mohammed Ali is a great example to all of us of how to build a personal brand. Sure he may have been the heavy weight champion of the world, but there’s been lots of those (Can you name the current one?) none of them created an identity like Ali. In fact there’s probably few sports personalities that have created as successful a personal brand as Ali.

What Ali reminds us is that it is important to stand out, to differentiate yourself from those around you. Find your own strengths, and flaunt them mercilessly. As a boxer It’s helps to have quick hands, but what made Ali stand out was his quick brain. Here’s a great a great example to all the current sports personality that it’s not just good enough to be well managed, you’ve got to have personal standards, a personal code that you stick too and present to the world. One that you actually believe in and act on, then no matter how you behave, you will be underpinning your brand rather than undermining it. Here’s a great tribute to the greatest created by Gorilla Productions.

Derek Carroll
Design Director


  1. Great post Derek, Although I am not a huge fan of the sport of boxing, I find Ali still one of the most refreshing sports personalities. He was so much more than a boxer, and those that don’t remember him for his skill in the ring will remember him for his words and thoughts.

  2. Thanks Derek – great analogy between Ali and brands in general. Ali was authentic, he was a natural – so many sportsmen, boxers and brands have followed his lead my mimicking his style and have missed the point. You can’t be original by following the leader.

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