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Australian beer brand VB has just launched a sales promotion based on a seriously smart product innovation – the disposable ice box. The ‘Esky’ as ice boxes are called down under is an essential piece of beer drinkining equipment as much of the beverage is imbibed outdoors and through typically long and hot summers. Keeping beer cold at these times is possibly the most essential act of human survival.

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As the smart brand builders at VB put it; “the best cold beer just got a whole lot colder”, with the launch of the VB Ice Box. An Australian-first, the limited edition carton is 100% waterproof, specially designed to transform from carton to chill-box with the addition of ice.
The 24-pack carton features a perforated lid which, when opened, gives easy access to the loose packed bottles like a traditional cooler. Just add ice to create the ultimate disposable ice box, perfect for keeping your beers cold when you’re out and about.

“Every Aussie bloke has faced the challenge of keeping his beer cold at a party,” said Craig MacLean, Group Marketing Manager for VB. “Squeezing his warm beers into the cooler, fighting his mates for that last bit of icy cold space.The VB Ice Box solves this problem. All you have to do is turn-up, tear open the lid and pour ice over your stubbies. VB is the best cold beer – now there’s no excuse not to drink it at its refreshing best.”

The packaging has been developed by VB in association with manufacturer Visy. Made from a newly developed water-proof paper grade, comprising a combination of paper and laminated PET, the webbed carton prevents leaks through its corners and is recyclable under normal recycling processes.

The best product innovations are often the ones that solve a need by making our lives easier. Any product innovation aligned to its brand promise provides even greater marketing muscle – and with the brand positioning of ‘The best cold beer‘ VB have served up a ripper here. I’ve a hunch the guys at Fosters knew they were onto a good thing, launching the brand promotion at Easter time as the weather typically turns chilly and esky’s are packed away for the winter. By jumping the gun, VB grabs ownership of this smart product, meaning that when summer comes around again – they have a top shelf national sales campaign with first rate brand alignment sitting in their pocket ready to go.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Aficionado of Ice Cold Beer Brand Experiences
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  1. A truly creative and innovative idea by brand builders at VB. When I saw this I said to myself, “I wish I had come up with this idea”. In the MacGyver spirit which is every blokes drinking bones I salute VB for this ripper idea.

  2. Thanks Andrew, one thing about VB that it shares with all successful brands is knowing who its market is and truly and deeply connecting with them. So many brand are intent on appealing to everyone at fear of losing a single customer. One thing we know to be true, brands that try to be a bit of everything to everyone end-up meaning nothing to anyone.

  3. I had the patent for this idea last year but due to being pretty broke at the time I couldnt afford to renew it. Oh well you win some you lose some more! Best of luck to you VB! I know it will be a great sucsess and if you ever have a job going I’ve got a few more ideas!

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