Audi 7 Design Icons

To celebrate the new Audi A7, over May and June, Audi will be showcasing 16 leading figures in innovation and design.  Each week, they will be profiling two icons, their work, and exploring what drives them to create.  With a reputation for innovative design, and a commitment to finding the perfect balance between ‘pure elegance and vibrant athleticism’, the Icons are a celebration of Audi’s own design premise, ‘emotion taking shape’.  Over the next 6 weeks, this emotion will be shared through the exploration of some of the world’s most innovative design work.

This week features, Canadian designer and paper artist, Julien Vallee whose work in paper sculpture, personifies emotion taking shape.  Trained as a graphic and motion designer, majority of Vallee’s work features handcrafts combined with stop-motion photography and digital manipulation. Through his exploration of the different fields of design, Vallee questions the relative roles of the computer and handmade processes in design. He tries to get in touch with every aspect of the environment, using manual processes strongly supported by the technological tools of today to bridge as many of these disciplines as he can.

In today’s digital age, Vallee’s dynamic sculptures command emotional connections and force the viewer to reconsider the digital realm. As Vallee explains, “Handmade works incorporate a lot of personality into the end result—the imperfection of a hand-drawn illustration, imprecise 3D shapes. I like the fact that images are created without the pretension of being perfect at the end, which is harder to pretend in a digital image.”



As designers, we love innovative ‘out of the box’ thinking and are obsessed with evoking powerful emotional connections in the brands we create. Not only does Vallee’s work embody this connection, but so too does Audi’s brand association.  By showcasing some incredible talent, Audi strategically aligns itself with masters in innovation and design creating its own emotional connection.

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Nikki Williams
Client Account Manager

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