Brand Communication Vs Brand Behavior

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When Brand Communication does not equal Brand Behavior.
I was reminded of a great truism in brand yesterday as I passed a dilapidated sign we had designed for a client many years ago. The client was the City of Stonnington, and the place proposition for Stonnington was ‘Quality and Diversity’. More than a decade ago we designed the new visual identity for Stonnington and rolled-out an extensive signage system throughout the municipality. Whilst we were engaged for the initial execution, our recommendation for an ongoing maintenance program fell on deaf ears. The result is a City that prides itself on ‘Quality’ but communicates through the dilapidated state of their entry and place signage that quality is more of a mission statement than a true mission.

Most brands spend time and energy defining their mission, their reason for being – but few give priority to delivering on that promise through all they say and – more importantly – do. It is easy to say what you stand for as a brand, to tell the world what separates you from your competition, but it is the bold brands who truly live their credo who truly stand apart.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Quality Brand Designer
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