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Free Range Chickens and Brand Communications.
We often make the point that Authenticity sits at the core of all effective brands. Being true to your self and your principles is critical to building trusted, emotional connections with your market. For many businesses, transparency is the perfect tool to deliver that authenticity in the most powerful manner – ‘don’t tell me what you do, show me what you’re doing’.

Our favorite PR person Chelsea from Grapevine PR recently sent us a cracker-of-an example of a brand providing transparency to demonstrate their authenticity. Ecoeggs produce genuine, certified free range eggs from some of the happiest chooks going around. And how do we know this to be true? Because we can check-out those chooks twelve hours-a-day on the Ecoeggs ChookCam. A simple video feed from the ecoeggs farm on the ecoeggs web site provides a birds-eye view of the contented chooks (weather permitting). These chook farmers also leverage Facebook and Twitter to keep their customers up to date with the state of affairs on the farm. As always, the very best brand stories are those that tell themselves.

Authenticity is important for all brands, but for those who differentiate themselves on a claim of provenance such as free range, organic or environmentally friendly, the ability to simple and effectively demonstrate the authenticity of their claims is critical. For these brands – ecoeggs amongst them – transparency is perhaps the most effective tool of all. And the great advantage of transparency for smaller businesses is that it naturally favors tighter operations – those with smaller farms, factories, workshops and production lines – allowing them to punch above their weight in the fight for differentiation in their market place.

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Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
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  1. Great find Dave. You are right, by becoming more transparent smaller brands can get one up on the bigger/ carefully guarded brands. Good on Ecoeggs for coming up with such a great brand gesture.

  2. Hate to burst this bubble, but the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission think these guys might not be as transparent as they’d like you to believe – “Derodi and Holland have a business known as Free Range Egg Farms. The business supplies eggs under the label Ecoeggs nationally, and under the labels Port Stephens and Field Fresh Free Range Eggs in New South Wales. The ACCC alleges that Derodi and Holland made false, misleading or deceptive representations on egg cartons, websites, a Facebook page and a Twitter account to the effect that the eggs supplied and labelled as “free range” were produced.”

    • Thanks Dave, love the power of the internet to uncover this sort of thing. Appreciate the link – let’s hope this is a case of a business going’off-track’ and then genuinely looking to do the right thing. A basic principle of business is authenticity and these days, any slip up is becoming part of the brand puzzle.

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