Brandertainment is the New Advertising

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Branded Entertainment is King
Today’s consumers across almost every conceivable B-to-C category are absorbers of brand communications. Those in who’s hearts and minds we wish to position our brands don’t differentiate between advertising and entertainment – they expect them to have merged into a form that fits within and adds value to their busy lives. The danger here is for brands who have not yet shifted their own paradigm.

Fortunately, plenty of brands are well down this path and leading the way for their competitors and their customers alike. Australian fashion brand Gorman have taken to this sophisticated form of brand communication like a duck to water, integrating beautiful brandertainment into their new collection campaigns. This short film was part of Gorman’s Autumn/Winter 2011 collection and is a lovely piece of brand story telling.


Dave Ansett
Director of Brandertainment
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Music: Wolves at the Door ‘Warrior’
Director: Nadia Barbaro
Director of Photography: Stefan Duscio
Model: Gabriela Aloiso
Makeup and Hair: Monica Gingold
Props: Sally Addinsall
Stylist: Stacey O’Connor
Offline Editor: Elodie Fouqueau
Colourist: Roslyn DiSisto
Online Editor: Dan Benjamin
Post Facilities: MRPP


  1. Just love the subtleties of this campaign. The brand storytelling is beautiful along with the music and cinematography it’s just so engaging. Love the term you created Brandertainment also Dave!

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