Build a brand by doing what you like

Trinity Orchestra plays Daft Punk

How do you build a brand?
Here’s a great example of how to build a brand:
Do something you love. Do it in a unique way. Gather like minded people and keep on doing it.
More will come, your community will grow, your brand will form.

This is what the students at Trinity College in my home town of Dublin have done. They’ve formed an orchestra consisting of and conducted by students and perform songs by Daft Punk. It’s not the most smartest or most ground breaking thing ever accomplished on the hallowed grounds of Trinity, but guess who’ll be playing at the summer festivals this year?

Check it out:

Derek Carroll
Brand Designer & Dubliner

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  1. Just love it Derek. Small steps to building brand awareness and equity and hope these guys really do hit the festival circuit. Thanks for digging it out and sharing, looks like Trinity College was a great institution to learn all things creative!

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