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Cheers to Creative Beer Brand Communication.
For fear of encouraging our reputation as having an unhealthy leaning towards beer brands, we follow-up our recent blogs on great beer ads and VB’s ice box product innovation with this cracker brand expression from Carlsberg. As the sponsor of Liverpool FC, global beer brand Carlsberg commissioned Japanese artist Dragon76 to create a bold brand gesture with this lasting memory of the inspiring relationship between Carlsberg and Liverpool FC. This video was shot to capture the creative process and the outcome (check the clip after the jump).



  1. A very simple and beautiful brand gesture by Carlsberg and Japanese artist Dragon76. I’m sure there will be some crazed Liverpool FC fan out there that would love to purchase this.

  2. Being a Manchester United fan through and through even I have to commend this bold brand gesture! Nice work Carlsberg, nice work work Dragon 76 and I never thought I’d say this – nice work Liverpool FC!

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