Clemson vs Davidson. An Authentic Baseball Brand Experience

I’m not sure if these guys have the brand smarts, but they certainly have huge imagination and creativity when it comes to creating memorable brand experiences. From a rained out baseball match between Clemson and Davidson, the guys got together and got up to some fun, see after the jump.

What we can take away from this (besides from a few good laughs), is that unexpected brand experiences get talked about. People who are involved in the experience see the need to record them and share, thus creating a domino effect of free market exposure.As was the case with this video going ballistic on the internet with over 100,000 views.

It is also very appealing to watch because it gives the viewer an insight to the authentic brand culture that teammates share within Clemson and Davidson baseball teams. Authentic brand culture within any team is crucial in fostering authentic team leaders and members.

So I ask you as your reading this, when was the last time you created an unexpected and authentic brand experience for your fans or customers? If the answer is ‘a long time ago’ or ‘never’, pull your finger out and pump some life and energy into your brand.

Tim Wood
Design Creative

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