Embracing Transparency – the Great Challenge for Brand Owners

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Documentary maker Morgan Spurlock (Think Supersize Me) speaks at the March 2011 TED conference with a talk titled ‘The Greatest TED Talk Ever Sold’.

The topic under Spurlock’s microscope is ‘Brandsparency’ – a catchy technical term I just made-up to describe the transparency of brands and their communications. Spurlock who I find often begins an exploration of a subject with an end view already locked-in, takes us on an interesting exploration of the way most brands feel a need to control their messaging, and the benefits to those who are brave enough to be transparent, do their best and let the market take it from there. His end point is in fact an fascinating starting point for the conversation of brands embracing transparency.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Brand X-Ray Artist (OK, OK and Spurlock fan)
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  1. Hi Kim, Spurlock is always entertaining, I must admit I wondered where he was going with this – but the whole brand transparency thought is a really fertile place for brands brave enough to be honest.

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