National Geographic goes Up

When Life Imitates Cartoons

In the spirit of seeking the unknown, touching the impossible and exciting the imagination National Geographic has launched a new television show, How Hard Can It Be?

The thought, how hard can it be? contains a forever optimism which paves the way for brands to create unique and engaging brand gestures. It is these types of unknown creative risks that allows brands to break free of the pack and create niche all of their own. Even if the dazzling heights of success are not reached the story alone can be enough to inspire and delight.

To launch How Hard Can It Be? National Geographic assembled a team to recreate a real-life version of the Disney movie Up, floating a real (enough) house into the air propelled by balloons. The result is a beautiful short that excites the inner child and delights the mind.

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Lachlan McDougall


  1. What a great new idea for a TV show. As a brand designer, bringing ideas to life is something we do day in day out. It’s great to see something that plays with our imagination of what’s possible.

  2. Love this as a brand gesture for national Geographic. Such a sense of wonederment and increadulity (as the guy says) – two adjectives that would be top of list if I was creating the brand strategy and definition for this brand.

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