Vodafone's Recharging Truck – A Bold Brand Gesture

It’s all about brand design for customer connection.
For brands looking to create bold and memorable brand gestures it’s all about finding a time and place to connect with their target market in a way that adds value to their lives. vodafone has just developed its ‘VIP recharging truck’, a solution for mobile charging at outdoor and multi-day festivals throughout the UK.

The Recharging Truck can handle an impressive 2,000 handheld devices at once. It features a large compartment that pulls out from the truck with individual cubbyholes inside and will provide a ‘money can’t buy’ service to its vodafone customers at these outdoor festivals and events throughout the UK over summer. We love the the exterior of the truck which features a graphic of the british flag – a top notch bit of brand communications design if ever I’ve seen one.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Designer of high voltage Brands
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We found this little beauty on thenextweb
all images courtesy of nextweb


  1. What an impressive bold brand gesture by Vodfone! You can imagine how annoyed non Vodafone customers would be if their mobile ran out of juice – makes you wonder how many may in fact jump providers?

  2. Spot-on Marcus, not only is Vodafone providing their customers with a great brand experience, but they’re providing a distinct point of difference between them and their competitors in the Telco brand space.

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