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Designing Branded Spaces
The craft of brand communications design has a scope far-wider than traditional marketing. As organizations begin to understand that every touch-point, every gesture, every connection with them is a brand experience to be carefully and creatively managed, retail spaces, showrooms and offices are one of the newest frontiers of brand communication design.

Digital brands have been amongst the first to recognize the benefit of creating brand spaces in-which their staff can work and their clients and business partners can meet. Previously we featured Google’s brand experiential offices, and now we present a sneak peek into the new head-office for Aol. in Palo Alto, California.

San Francisco based design practice, studio O+A has completed tech company’s new headquarters, creating an environment which fosters collaboration, interaction and idea generation. The offices are built around a central, bright space dubbed ‘the town hall’. Designed to promote a cross-pollination of ideas, the main area houses a multitude of functions that brings together staff from a variety of departments. Modeled after late-night eateries in San Francisco’s mission district, the part kitchen, part play space is characterized by its bright colors, plentiful light and home-like furniture choices.

But apart from the functional, these designed spaces provide a canvas on which the visual language of the Aol. brand is painted. When combined, the contemporary and quirky manner of the spaces, the choice of interior finishes and furnishings and the corporate image inspired graphics create a brand statement which says; ‘We understand our brand is as much about what we do as it is about what we say’. And if there’s one thing we bang-on alot about around the halls of Truly Deeply it is the importance of brands demonstrating their values in all they do each and every day.

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Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Designer of Branded Spaces
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  1. Aol really have designed and created a truly engaging branded space. I love the idea that the offices are built around a central, bright space dubbed ‘the town hall’ – sounds so inviting and no doubt the majority of client meetings would be held at Aol!

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