Diesel + Pinarello: Brand Design Collaboration

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Sweet Brand Design Collaboration.
There are few hotter combinations for brands at the moment than creative collaboration and bike culture. Leading brands are looking to collaborate with leading creatives, artists, skate-boarders – you name it – to create unique brand experiences that weave the DNA of their brands with the Creativity of these artists. The result when it works is a brand experience that connects in the coolest way with their target audiences.
For the artistes the collaborations provide a rare opportunity to work without budgetary constraints, to think bi and create outside the box. For the brand’s it’s all about leveraging the fresh, blue-sky creativity to make the kind of hi-cred connections they could never achieve on their own.

Believe it or not, fashion and design houses are not new to bicycle design collaboration – two examples being trussardi’s ‘1911 citybike’ and the chanel 2008 8-speed. In a beautiful example of contemporary creative collaboration, Italian fashion design company Diesel has partnered with award-winning bicycle manufacturer Pinarello to create ‘only the brave’, a very slick single speed city bicycle. Combining both the bike cred of Pinarello with Diesel’s fashion design aesthetic has borne a beautiful love child of aesthetic simplicity, boldly contemporary graphic, and sublime engineering. In this beautiful example of brand design one + one equals a wonderful, creative brand gesture.
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Pinarello and Diesel together: a perfect joint venture, two Italian brands deeply rooted in the same territory… by bike they are just two hours away! we are part of two different industries: they make people feel comfortable and we make people feel tired– but we share the typical italian creativity and the constant desire to astonish and surprise our clients!
Fausto Pinarello

Only the Brave (gotta love that brand name) is available in Diesel and Pinarello stores, the frame design features accents in either ‘diesel green’ or ‘matt black’. ‘Only the brave’ will set you back around 850 euros (USD$1200) – but regardless of how many bikes are actually sold, the real pay-off in this truly win-win collaborated brand experience is the reputational cred for both Diesel and Pinarello.

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Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Brand Design Collaborator
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