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A Deliciously Creative Brand Experience.
Commissioned by UK ice cream brand; Fredericks to celebrate National Ice Cream Week (may 30th through june 5th), the ‘HMS flake 99’ is the world’s first amphibious ice cream truck, capable of working on both land and in water.

Like all great brand experiences, the HMS flake is a walking, talking, swimming PR magnet, attracting bucket loads National press and evoking a sense of childhood wonder the old ice cream trucks used to engender on a sweltering summer’s day. Primarily this brand experience appears to be about National Ice Cream week and refreshing us with the magic of the ice cream truck, but there also appears an unmistakable presence of the Flake brand of ice cream, no doubt a part of the Fredericks portfolio of brands.

The ‘HMS flake 99’ is meant to draw attention to the decrease in ice cream trucks– from 20,000 in 1960 to 5,000 in operation today as a result of council bans on the vehicles in certain zones, concerns about noise pollution and childhood obesity, and rising fuel costs. The craft, has replaced the traditional rendition of Green Sleeves with the Rod Stewart song ‘we are sailing’. Its maiden voyage through Blackpool recently marked the beginning of a UK-wide tour. UK stand-up comic Dave Mountfield got the gig as Captain of the vessel, adding the the warmth, humor and brand personality of the experience. The brand design of the HMS Flake captures the style of an 80’s ice cream truck, and the brand voice that plays-out through the vehicle livery includes the classic lines; ‘Licensed to Chill’, ‘Sail by & try one’, and ‘Dive In’.

Judging by the following pics, it looks like the greatest threat to the old ice cream truck might be the lack of ice cream eating weather – Licensed to Chill indeed.

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  1. You’re right Cassie, for many brands, tapping into childhood memories is a great opportunity to re-connect and associate their products and brand values with fond times and strong emotional ties.

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