Hot Wheels – Life imitates Brand imitates Life

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A Red Hot Brand Experience.
In this spin-out of life imitating brand, Hot Wheels have put their brand all over the world record truck jump, creating a life-sized  Hot Wheels jump track and capturing the wonderment of childhood play for a huge audience of grown-ups and kids alike. Whilst not all brands have the budget to sponsor world record attempts (although this not necessarily as expensive as you may think), for many brands, identifying the ‘wonderment connection’ they have with their customers is the first step to creating their own, unique, differentiating brand gesture. (check the clip of the Hot Wheels brand gesture after the jump)

A wonderful example of a rich brand gesture that can be leveraged through live engagement as well as online, above and below the line campaigns. The single thread that holds all of these brand communications together is the rich brand story-telling a bold gesture such as this creates.

And check this cool, retro Hot Wheels pack – the resemblance to the real-life brand gesture is huge.

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Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Designer of Hot Brand Experiences
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  1. What an awesome find Dave, thanks for sharing! Looking at the retro Hot Wheels pack in comparison to the world record truck jump is so on the money! When I was a child you’d only dream of seeing something this cool!

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