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Truly Deeply Dedgumo Watches

In a time where everyone is looking for the fastest, flashiest and latest of everything, Japanese brand, Dedegumo, is asking everyone to take a step back, unwind and appreciate an often seemingly redundant piece of technology; the watch.

Founded by Izumo Senco, one of Kyoto’s master designers, Dedegumo creates one-of-a-kind handmade timepieces using hand-cut Italian lace leather, brass, copper, bronze and silver.  The company trains each of its watchmakers in the classic techniques and skills that have been passed down through generations, and encourages the artisans to bring their own creativity and contemporary designs to each watch they make.  As each artist takes charge of his or her design from start to finish, no watch is ever the same.

The company have recently opened their first shop outside of Japan, in New York’s Lower East side, with a custom-built open workshop so that customers can observe the watches being made.  This wonderful brand gesture will be sure to have New Yorkers talking, with many making the journey to view this piece of magic for themselves.

Truly Deeply Dedgumo Watches

Truly Deeply Dedegumo Watches

Truly Deeply Dedegumo Watches

And to ensure all customers are able to experience the brand’s wonder, each Dedegumo watch is personalized in its own traditional wooden box, which is stamped with the company’s logo, a small cloud, and wrapped in furoshiki cloth, with a signed card from the watchmaker inside.

In days where customers are often seen as just a number, it is so wonderful to see a brand take a unique approach, with dedicated brand gestures at every customer touch point.

If you would like to know how your brand could build on its own brand gestures, why not give us a call?

Nikki Williams
Client Account Manager

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  1. Great post Nikki, What a wonderful brand gesture. Dedegumo have taken the traditional manufacturing model and turned it on it head to produce some truly beautiful and unique results. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Nikki, a lovely way for a brand to go global, and illustrate what it is that makes them unique. Such a great fit with the values of Japan – beautifully hand crafted watches – event the box it comes in is old school wood. A beautifully integrated and considered brand strategy, brand design and brand experience.

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