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We all know that sometimes life doesn’t exactly live up to our expectations. You come to realise that you have to enjoy
the good times and work through the bad. Yet, sometimes when you are in the eye of the storm it’s really hard to see past the clouds. I myself am going through some changes in my life. As a positive person I try to keep my spirits up but like everyone I could always use a little reminder that things will eventually work out, and that is just what the experience
of these little handmade worlds do.

Some days comfort is the key to functioning like a proper human being. I know your thoughts instantly go to donuts
or chocolate (or maybe that’s just me) but this time it’s Dutch designer and illustrator Kim Welling, who has decided to make our days happier with her Instant Comfort Pocket Box. A set of handmade 3D illustrations collected inside small pocket size boxes with comforting words like: ‘everything will be ok’, you look wonderful today’ or ‘you can do it!’. The small size enables you to carry around these handmade worlds, so you can always pull this little treasure out of your pocket and instantly feel better!

If you’d like to talk to some people who will lift your spirits by talking brand give us a call.

Cassandra Gill
Director of Design.


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