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Creating engaging and memorable brand spaces is a much underutilized opportunity for many brands in retail and beyond. Japanese design studio Nendo recently created the first major retrospective of internationally-known milliner Akio Hirata‘s seventy years of work, but they also did much more than that. By approaching their task with a creative, exhibition design mind-set, they created an inspiring space for any brand designer.

Wishing  to emphasize the carefully, handmade hats of Hirata, Nendo created a space which featured 4000 white ‘ghost hats’ which act as a canvas for the ‘real’ hats on display, creating a dramatic contrast between the two. As a way of creating a sense of the brand’s spirit, a platform for brand story-telling, and fresh layers of brand visual language, this inspiring piece of design leads the way. The overall effect is almost more film set than brand space. But then that’s where the magic is.

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Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Brand Designer and New-found Admirer of Hats
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