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Alamo Still

Powerful brand statement:
As with everything I like my Cinematic experience to be served loaded with extra brand personality. I’m much happier giving my money to great independent theatres like the wonderful Sun Theatre in Yarraville or Cinema Nova in Carlton. Not only do I feel like I’m getting better value, but I feel like I’m doing it with people who love movies. They may not be the most up to date with sound or screen size, but easily make up for it with an authentic love for the cinema and our movie watching experience.

That’s why I love this clever, simple online piece for the blog of the Alamo Drafthouse (via my favourite time-sink Devour) . As a brand statement it says so much about what kind of experience you can expect there, I love it. If they where in my neighbourhood, they get more than my business, they’d get my active support. What more can your brand do for you.

Check it out and then ask yourself: What can we be doing to better express our brand?

We love creating power brand statements for our clients, give us a call and we’ll devise some rippers for your brand.

Derek Carroll
Director of Design and silent cinema presence.

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  1. Love this D. How many brands are too afraid of upsetting a customer to be authentic to their brand? I remember a story about Southwest Airlines in the States (I think), a woman wrote to the CEO complaining that the flight attendant hadn’t taken the safety announcement seriously enough for her liking and had instead injected some individual personality. She demanded this be rectified before she’d fly with them again. The CEO reportedly replied in a letter; ‘We’ll miss you’.

  2. Ye, I think it comes down to knowing your audience and of course your brand.
    Then having the courage to defend your brand values in the face of the dogma of normal business etiquette.

  3. I love how this young person made the entire public atmospher of the theater all about her. I’m sure if she choked on her popcorn it’d be because they had the audacity to keep their theater so dark. After all, who watches moves in the dark!

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