Brilliant Brand Space Design for Prada Men's Spring/Summer 2012 Parade

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A Tough Brand Design Gig
It’s got to be one of the toughest design gigs going around – how to create a unique, stand-out space in which to parade the upcoming season’s designs for a global fashion super brand. This beautiful space called ‘Field’ has been designed for the Prada men’s spring/summer 2012 collection at the Prada Fondazione, Milan by OMA a partner office within OMA.

An ordered grid of 600 blue foam blocks arranged in a 1.5m by 1.5m grid permeated the Prada Fondazione in Milan. The blocks intended for audience seating also doubled as edges for the varied catwalk paths, inevitably integrating individuals into the show. models filtered between the seats in highly choreographed catwalk patterns, turning along the grid in divergent directions. In an approach that turns fashion event convention on its head, this concept takes the fashion from the stage and interweaves it with the guests – creating both a more inspiring and more intimate brand experience. Those attending get to view the garments from almost every angle, and in a far more up-close and personal manner, the layout allows for a more even lighting and more functional demonstration of the crafted design work without compromise to the sense of event. A clear illustration of the manner in which clever brand design can enhance the experiences every brand presents to market.

Images by Agostino Osio

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Designer of Fashionable Brand Experiences
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