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For as long as I can remember I have loved chocolate, and as such I am always interested in reading about new chocolatier ventures.  I recently stumbled across a post in, from interaction designer John Sullivan Hamilton, who was given the opportunity to design packaging for a limited edition of Mast Brothers chocolate bars. His chosen designs were inspired by his girlfriend’s beautiful home country of Venezuela as a gift to her.  This personal touch created a truly unique experience for John and set the company apart from their many chocolatier competitors.

Chocolate is an incredibly competitive business as chocolate crafting has been around for many generations, with each chocolatier refining their recipes and skills in search of the perfect blend.  There are few chocolatiers in the world who have not only created an amazing taste, but have also created an equally special experience for their customers. Hamilton’s experience proves that one such company are The Mast Brothers in Brooklyn, New York.

The two brothers have put their hearts and souls into their company, and have created something truly special for their customers.  As described in the New York Times, the story of Mast Brothers Chocolate is one of family and one of craft.

Rick and Michael Mast, the young owners and proprietors of the company, make organic, artisanal sweets in their Brooklyn-based confectionery. They take great care with their ingredients (cacao beans imported directly from South America), their manufacturing process (time-honored techniques alongside custom-built machinery by a former aerospace engineer) and even their packaging.


As Rick Mast himself claimed, they originally just wrapped the chocolate in butcher paper, in hopes of doing anything they could to communicate the message that chocolate is food — not candy.  They soon realized that the packaging needed something more so they tried to retain the feel of butcher paper but with beautifully designed patterns. Every chocolate bar they create is hand-wrapped in specially designed patterned paper, one pattern for each of their many flavours. Each pattern is designed by a Mast Brothers friend or family member, creating a truly thoughtful, unique and memorable brand experience.  Although understated, the packaging, in its simplicity and thoughtfulness, alludes to the nature of the product it contains.  The Mast Brothers have mastered the art of creating delightful brand experiences, inside and out.

If you know of any great chocolate brands, or are looking for some truly inspired packaging ideas for your brand, why not give us a call.

Nikki Williams
Client Account Manager and Chocolate Enthusiast
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  1. Great find Nikki, thanks for sharing! I just love these stories, dudes going out there and putting something on the table (literally) that is a truly memorable brand experience. All power to the Mast Brothers and anyone who dares to follow in their footsteps be it in any business.

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