Grand Marnier's Grand Brand Ap

Clever little Ap enhances Grand Marnier’s Brand Communication
Ad agency ISOBEL have created a unique new app for Grand Marnier which creates perfect sunset pictures taken on your iPhone even when there’s no sun…

Apart from the fact that the world can’t have too many beautiful sunsets, the real smarts of this ap is to integrate the current Grand Marnier ad campaign – ‘Welcome to the Sunset Hour’ which aims to introduce Grand Marnier to a new younger, style-conscious audience through this neat user experience. The ap provides a number of tools to manipulate new and/or existing images including saturation and variable sunset effects plus a range of bespoke flares which can be scaled, rotated and positioned.

“We needed to take Grand Marnier out of the cupboard, dust it down and put it at the centre of time spent with friends – sociable and fun. We hit on the idea of aligning Grand Marnier with the ‘golden’ hours between work and home. That time with mates and colleagues that signifies the shift from work time to me time”. Rob Fletcher, Creative Partner, Isobel.

Cédric Petit, Marketing Director at GRAND MARNIER says: “Across Europe, Grand Marnier is a brand that benefits from great awareness, quality and authenticity credentials, but does not appeal enough to 30-35 yo consumers. Our main challenge with this brief was to emotionally engage our target consumer to the brand, while delivering very clearly a functional message focused on long drink usage at a pre dinner occasion. We are convinced that the “Sunset Hour” creative idea created by Isobel meets this challenge and will help accelerate the new momentum of the brand in Europe.

The campaign also includes outdoor print campaign. The iPhone Sunset Taker App can be downloaded for free®

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Brand Designer and Sucker for a Sunset
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  1. Hi Dustin, it is a nice example of integrated brand communications. These days it seems brands are releasing apps for everything, but without necessarily integrating them. Great to see a brand take a more strategic approach.

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