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The Brand Sponsorship, Brand Communications Conundrum
For many brands, the brand strategy question of sponsorship is a tough one – calculating the benefits to the brand is often an imperfect science. The only hard and fast rule for success is ‘be brilliant’.

In Australia the preeminent sporting code is Australian Rules football. It dominates the winter sporting landscape and attracts significant public interest, media coverage and team sponsorship. One brand that has created brilliant return for their sponsorship investment is optical brand OPSM. OPSM is the leading optician and spectacle retail brand in Australia with stores across the country. Rather than duke it out in the crowded and high stakes forum of team sponsorship, OPSM have chosen to sponsor the umpires. Not just the field umpires, but the goal and boundary umpires too. Now whenever any boisterous member of the crowd shouts: ‘You must be blind ump’ – the OPSM springs to top of mind. Which brand could possibly be a better choice to sponsor umpires? Love it.

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Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Brand Designer & Footy Tragic
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    • Cheers Tim. I think the power of this brand alignment exercise comes from the humor. We all love a bit of irony, and this brand relationship makes us feel positively about both OPSM and dare I say it – the umpires.

  1. Interesting perspective Cass. In some ways the brand sponsorship move is there to counter the need to invest constantly in expensive above the line advertising. It is a pity they couldn’t have created a more legible brand identity presence.

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