Puma’s Clever Little Shopper – a Bold Brand Gesture

Reducing Puma’s Environmental Paw Print – A Great Piece of Brand Design
Shoe brand Puma will be phasing-out its plastic shopping bags in favour of these ‘clever little shopper’ bags. The ‘clever little shopper’ is a 100% biodegradable carrier bag composed entirely of corn starch. The bag decomposes naturally within a three-month period, or can be dissolved in water in about three minutes.
the same biodegradable material will also be used for apparel bags in the company’s ‘clever little packaging’ packaging design initiative.

The disappearing shopping bag
The changes will save around 8500 tons of paper and 1.5 million liters of fuel oil and diesel, while also reducing Puma’s electricity and carbon dioxide footprints. It’s estimated that ‘clever little shopper’ will also save an additional 192 tons of plastic and 293 tons of paper each year.

Personally, I love this brand gesture from Puma. Whilst environmentally sustainable packaging is nothing new, I like the corn-starch version and the way they transfer the credit to the customer through branding their approach ‘clever little shopper’. Plenty of brands have a re-cycled packaging policy, but few wrap it up so neatly in a considered consumer proposition. As brand seek to build strong relationships with their customers through meaningful behavior, gestures that demonstrate a matching sustainable mindset to that of their target market will continue to be profitable. More and more brands are discovering that being a responsible citizen of the world doesn’t just make good common sense – it also makes good commercial sense.


Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Clever Little Brand Designer
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  1. Cheers Dustin, I just love the way they have effectively created a sub-brand around their adoption of recycled bags – turning it into an active brand communications campaign. Very clever.

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