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Brilliant Brand Design 2.0
Tesco Homeplus supermarket in South Korea bought the future of grocery shopping to life when they opened a virtual grocery store in a subway station, encouraging customer to shop using their smartphones.

A large, wall-length billboard was installed in the station, designed to look just like supermarket shelves displaying images and prices of a range of popular products each with a QR code. Customers scan the code of any product with their phone, adding it to a virtual shopping cart. After completing the transaction, their shopping is delivered to their homes within the day. In the convenience hungry lives of city workers, the virtual supermarket both offers shoppers the gift of time, provides Tesco with retail space in a convenient gap in customers busy lives and doubles as interactive advertising. I’d love to see data on the sales rates and conversion rates of new customers as this concept looks like a game breaker to me. As brand communication campaigns look to integrate seamlessly into the lives of their audiences and give them real value, this type of concept is a must for retailers of all manner.

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Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Brand Designer of Virtual Virtue

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  1. Tesco (Home Plus) have come up with a truly remarkable idea and brand experience here to increase sales and leap from no. 2 in the market to no. 1! Would love to try this myself one day!

  2. This is a brilliant idea.
    Bringing the supermarket to peoples paths.

    it will work best with common “non changing products” or perhaps having aisles that represent products that dont change often and products the change often. so there isnt much poster replacement.

    I think this will become the trend with many poster ads ie., concerts, festivals, new products. scan/buy/get

    Now everyone can relax more or work more if they like to become the number 1 in that field too 🙂

    • Thanks Josh. There’s much talk about the success of QR codes. For me it’s more about brands leveraging the technology like Tescos do here, rather than thinking the QR codes will do the work by themselves.

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