Wewood – Brilliant Brand Design Baked-In

Wewood date + crono watches
A while back we wrote about Docomo’s wooden phone covers. We loved the design collision of old craft and new technology then, and we love it even more now with these beautiful wooden watches.
Wewood timepieces is based in los angeles but hails originally from Florence, Italy. WeWood have designed ‘date’ and ‘crono’, two collections of watches that are made from wood. Free of artificial and toxic materials, the pieces are crafted using various hardwoods such as red wing celtis, ebony, maple and guaiaco and combined with state-of-the-art miyota movements. We often bang-on about brands who are able to bake their unique proposition right into their products – and that is the element that gives Wewood such a distinct advantage in their market. Utilizing scrap material from flooring, the watches represent a commitment to sustainability and a collaboration between multiple skilled specialists who have precisely crafted and finished the objects.

In a further brand gesture,Wewood works in partnership with american forests with a commitment to plant one tree for every watched purchased. Nice.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Brand Designer and Naturalist
(no – not in the way you’re thinking…)
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