Air Swimmers Create 'Wow' Brand Experience

Is that a shark swimming through the lounge room door? Yes that is correct! I stumbled across Air Swimmers not so long ago and immediately was impressed by the simple brand theater and overall fun brand experience created by this unique toy product. See more after the jump.

A Wow Brand Experience
Wow brand experiences are sensations, feelings, and behavioral responses to a brand related event or experience.
As you will see in the videos below, by implanting into the audience/participants something they can feel, a connection and emotional response, a product or brand can become highly appealing and wanted. In this instance, Air Swimmers create a unique interaction between product and person allowing the audiences mind to imagine with delight and wonder. Take a look;

The inventors of the Air Swimmers,  William Mark Corporation (WMC), have created a effective brand product experience. Overall that experience is highly appealing because;
1 – The brand experiences touches the heart
2 – The brand experiences plays with imagination, and most importantly
3 – Doesn’t hurt the hip pocket ($).

It is worth taking a look at WMC’s other toy products as well, for in their own way they bring a wow moment to their individual product experiences as well…(Plus they are just plain weird at the same time…enjoy!).

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Tim Wood
Design Creative

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