Bacardi turns Facebook ‘likes’ into real-world events

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Like it Live, Like it Together Brand experiences.
At the risk of writing incessantly about alcohol brands and reinforcing negative stereotypes about (slightly) long in the tooth designers, I cam across this integrated brand/marketing campaign by Bacardi recently that I thought was pretty smart. Crowd-sourcing is not a new concept, but for many brands the really reach terrain for marketing and brand experiences is in tying these newish ideas together to make something special. This Bacardi called Like it Like, Like it Together event connects the online/offline customer brand experiences by creating a series of events based on the online preferences of their fans – in the language of online; ‘likes’.

The line-ups for the ‘Like It Live, Like It Together’ experiences – hosted in New York and Las Vegas to-date – were selected by Bacardi’s online Facebook following. The fans voted with Facebook ‘likes’ for their favorite cocktails, music acts, foods, leisure activities and forms of entertainment, which Bacardi then used as the basis for creating the perfect events. For example Bacardi asked its users whether they preferred old school or newer video games. As old school video games received the most ‘likes’, the brand unveiled a large arcade with retro games such as Pac-Man at the following event. Tickets for the parties could be won through a competition, whereby entrants were required to write on the Bacardi Facebook tab about the three best experiences they’d ever had with friends. Like it Live line-ups included high-profile acts such as: Cee Lo Green, Aloe Blacc, Kid Cudi, Tamara Sky, DJ Irie and Travis Barker.

With nearly every brand in the world focused on growing online ‘likes’ – seemingly for the sake of it, Bacardi’s reversal of the process is a ripper example of rewarding their pre-existing loyal fan-base, rewarding nthem for continuing to be an active part of the community. Love it.

Check the website for more info:

Check this facebook page for an upcoming Like it Live in South America somewhere:

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