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The Brave New World of Online Brand Communication
There’s no doubt new technology and accelerating the range of possibilities for brand communication online at a far greater rate than we are able to explore them. When the print medium took hold as the major brand channel, all papers were pretty much the same and the variables around what you could do with an ad were more or less identical. That just aint the case for online – as this remarkable case study for search engine Bing and the launch of rap artist Jay-Z’s autobiography; ‘Decode’ demonstrates.

When Microsoft’s search engine Bing approached the guys at Droga5 with the brief to increase their relevance with a younger audience and show-off their mapping technology, Droga% saw the perfect opportunity creative collaboration with the launch of Jay-Z’s bio hitting the same market. By creating a seriously impressive integrated communication campaign for the launch of Decode, they connected Bing to a new demographic and gave millions of people a reason to use the search engine.

The concept took every page of Jay-Z’s book, and posted it across thirteen cities in the US and abroad. Each location was inspired by the content on the page, literally putting the entire biography into context, allowing fans to walk through Jay-Z’s life right where it happened. Using Bing they tied every page together with an integrated online challenge that directed fans to the pages through facebook, Twitter and radio, allowed them to upload them as they found them and compile the book online before it was officially published.

The results:
• Jay-Z’s Facebook followers grew by one million
• Decode launched onto the best seller list and stayed there for 19 weeks
• Decode was covered by every major news outlet and major cultural influencer
• Bing became part of the pop culture conversation and in the process saw an 11.7% increase in visits in one month.
• Bing gained 1.1 billion media impressions

Check the case-study clip for details:

… and here’s the link to the guys at Droga5 who put it all together:

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