Does it Get Any Richer than Pop Culture Brand Testimonials?

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It’s Gettin’ Real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot…
The booming industry in brand mentions in films, TV shows and music as brand placement in popular culture just continues to gain momentum.

The discussion about authenticity and cred seems to focus on the film, rapper, actor, etc. but not on the brand itself. Maybe that’s because when it comes down to it – there’s no such thing as a bad product placement. We wrote a post on Morgan Spurlock’s new film The Greatest Movie Ever Sold not too long ago which focused on the practice. Now comes a you-tube clip of a rap track; The Wholefoods Parking Lot. I’m not sure exactly how much of a piss-take the clip is, but it’s pretty funny and has just enough cred to hit the mark. But more importantly, it’s been watched by more then 2.5 million people in next to no-time, including more than 3,000 who have been moved to leave a comment like:

• You know the deal with the little shopping carts they got”…Too funny!

• Hilarious! Love it from one BG to another.

• that’s how we live on the west side of LA.

• I got a peanut waffle for 120 and it was fantastic, it fits as good to me as my silk fred perry shirt

• Kobucha tea!!! That’s what I get too. Ugh lol love this

• Awesome. This is stuck in my head now. Good effort and funny as shit. People who have been to whole foods get it.

Even though the track takes the piss, it also does a pretty good job of defining the whole foods tribe, who based-on the YouTube comments are as enamored by the lyrics as everyone else. Is this a carefully planned Whole Foods brand strategy? Doubt-it. But with so much interest, does it even matter?

If you haven’t had the chance you’ve just gotta check-out the clip. Love it.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Brand Designer and Walking Product Placement
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  1. Thanks Simon, there is a real shift towards local/unknown artists with an authentic link to brands developing this money-can’t-buy viral marketing. Whether it’s sponsored or organic, the results are consistently positive as with this clip for While Foods.

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