GoPro Hero Camera – A New Perspective

Californian surfer and inventor Nicholas Woodman has created a wearable hands-free camera. The GoPro Hero Camera allows users to “document their passion, what ever it is.’ What sets this POV camera apart is when the ah-ha moment hit Nicholas, he realised that the success of the camera was in being able to mount the camera to anything. And judging form the amount of  youtube clips he has definitely succeeded at this. Originally, designed so Nicholas could take footage of himself surfing, the camera has found practical uses across all the extreme sports and has also crossed over to filming mainstream TV shows like The Deadliest Catch.

The Go Pro Hero Camera is a slick solution to well a pondered problem. Not to take anything away from the creativity and innovation of Nicholas, but rather congratulate him on tapping into a personal quest and delivering a functionable and accessible product solution.

In a world of 15 minutes of internet fame this product allows us (the internet community) to share the sights and experiences of our daily lives across the globe from the exceptional to the mundane. Perspective is an interesting concept, skateboarding down the street in New York City is an amazing sensory assault, if you weren’t born and raised there and did it everyday, otherwise it is just skating down the street on the way to someplace.

Lachlan McDougall
Design Creative


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