Grand Brand First Impressions from Mark Zuckerberg

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A Stylish Brand Experience from the Founder of Facebook
As a specialist branding agency based in Melbourne, Australia we work with clients across many categories, but one of the consistent rules of brand is – you only get one chance to make a first impression. Get this right as a brand, and you set-yourself-up to build ongoing, positive and mutually rewarding relationships. Get it wrong and it’s a long hard journey to convincing customers you’re as wonderful as you know you are. It’s no coincidence that it’s often the leading brands who are the best at delivering these ripping first (and then subsequent) impressions. As any Facebook fan who’s ever received a letter back from Facebook founder mark Zuckerberg will attest, Mark and his branding buddies are masters at making these grand impressions.

Not only does mark respond in writing, but captures a charm and style some may not associate with the bold new world on social marketing, by sending his response via traditional mail – and some. When Ben Barry was an Illustrator at Facebook, he created a set of beautifully designed stationery for Zuckerberg to use for his fans. The type design, styling, colours and embellishments of embossing and foil stamps combine to create a sumptuous impression befitting a dude of Zuckerberg’s status. But above-all these elements combine to create a remarkable brand gesture for Zuckerberg and for Facebook.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Designer of Grand First Impressions.
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