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The Brand Art of Standing-Out.
Rotterdam-based artist Florentijn Hofman has created this wonderful work; ‘stor gul kanin (big yellow rabbit)’, his newest large-scale sculpture conceived for this summer’s Openart Biennale in öreboro, Sweden. Hofman’s work uses scale and context to challenge the function and purpose of the public space, this 13-meter high bunny explores the notion of scale and urban perspective by providing a new focal point in the open square. I cannot think of a better analogy for creating brand communications that both connect with your market and stand-out in your market than Hofman’s giant yellow bunny.

Regardless of the market you operate in, half of the challenge for creating successful brand communications is standing-out from your competition. This is not necessarily about spending more on advertising, speaking louder or shining brighter. The art of standing out is to take a different approach. Viewing your market’s brand communications with a fresh mindset will allow you to see the competitive landscape in much the same way Hofman see’s his world. All that’s left is to work with your brand communications agency to imagine and execute your brand’s very own giant yellow bunny.

Constructed out of locally-manufactured shingles and a wooden armature, the temporary sculpture depicts a giant plush rabbit that has been seemingly dropped into the center of the Swedish plaza. the large-scale intervention rests against the engelbrekt monument, the original pivot point of the open site. observers are encouraged to experience the public space within the new context of the rabbit as well as when the presence of the sculpture is gone. As with his previous work, hofman’s sculpture involved the locals with more than 25 volunteers and craftsman coming together to construct the rabbit.

All images © Lasse Person

If you’d like some help with creating stand-out communications for your brand, why not give us a call – we’d love to add some giant bunny to your brand

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Designer of Stand-out Brands

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  1. The Europeans always seem to get it right and in this case Florentijn Hofman has certainly done so that’s for sure. This bold brand communication is just such a ripper and I love the sense of community engagement and involvement Hofman uses with most of his installations.

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