IKEA fresh brand imagery by photographer Carl Kleiner

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IKEA reminds us to not forget the Brand Communication in our Brands.
Last year we featured a post on IKEA’s brand communication, and here the Swedish mass-design furniture and home-wares brand are popping up again. As a global brand, IKEA is well known for the budget priced, low-mid quality Swedish inspired, practical and functional furniture they design and sell. The interesting additional element to their successful brand strategy is design. IKEA have accomplished the not insignificant task of lifting the design bar for the average Joe (and Jodie). The secret ingredient to the IKEA brand DNA is their ability to bring an impressively high level of Swedish furniture design to the masses. So what better way to communicate that brand attribute than through delivering creatively designed brand communications along with it.

This combination of design quality + mass market is quite unique amongst global brands. And when it comes to brand differentiation – you don’t have to be a Swedish design genius to recognize the power of uniqueness. The challenge with this brand equation is continuing to deliver design uniqueness through the brand expressions including store experience, advertising and marketing communications. This is where most brands fail.

The demands on most businesses will almost always create a tension between the commercial imperatives and the softer – but equally as important brand imperatives. This tension is usually dominated by the commercial imperatives – after all we are talking about businesses. However, it is those businesses who are able to nurture and promote the activities that bring the brand to life – day-in and day-out – who provide themselves with the unfair advantage of brand leverage in the marketplace.

With this example of unfettered, creative brand expression, IKEA have once again demonstrated that they intuitively understand there is much more to their business than manufacturing and selling furniture. Working with photographer Carl Kleiner IKEA have created this suite of images for a unique and engaging ad campaign. They created a series of wonderful food sculptures, photographing them on pastel-colored backgrounds to truly make them jump.

Lovely brand work.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Putting the Design in Brand Designer

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