Retail Brand Loyalty. Have you got it?

Lately I have been thinking a lot about retail brand loyalty and what it means to brand owners, employees and retailers. Brand loyalty is a strange thing, you can’t hold it or visibly see it, but the value that should be placed on it, for any brand, is paramount.

Brand Loyalty. Have you got it?

Brand loyalty is a emotional response and attachment to the value of a product or service. Most successful brand owners realise if you can create an environment where brand loyalty creates brand tribes or trends, brand loyalty can be that powerful it can even influence cultural change.

Brand loyalty begins within
People are the most important retail brand asset any business can have. By creating a family or community environment that is mentoring, empowering and most importantly rewarding, it fosters the relevant elements that provide brands with excellent, experienced and most importantly happy, brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors champion a brand, and by actions of their own, show proof that who they work is worth investing in.

Brand loyalty must be earned
You earn what you keep. Retail brand loyalty must be earned and reinforced continually by any brand or businesses. Satisfying a consumer need, and satisfying it well – is all well and good, but doing it over and over again, working honestly in the good times and bad with a customer, that’s where the real value comes from. Brand loyalty has potential to be change, it has potential to touch the heart, but in the end, any brand needs to earn their stripes.

Does your brand provide brand stiction?
Stiction is a delicate dance that brand and consumer do when they interact. It is an important to get this balance right. To much forced interaction and engagement can seriously put the consumer on the back foot, not enough engagement and the emotional connection with the consumer is lost, and participation in the brand is minimal.

In such trying times for retail, with online shopping on the increase, can I ask you, what is your retail brand doing to create an environment that nurtures and rewards brand loyalty?

The best kind of loyalty is when both parties are benefiting. — Scott Brooks, Gantz Wiley Research

Tim Wood
Design Creative

In memory of a true visionary Steve Jobs.


  1. Great post tim. I love your thoughts on brand loyalty. It is too easy to over complicate matters of brand loyalty, but in the end saying a few powerful messages and truly caring for your customer is a sure way to brand success.

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