123-Jump; Integration is the key to Online Brand Design

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The Very Best Brand Experiences are Integrated
One of the problems we see with most online brand expressions is that they’re seen as only that – online brand expressions. It’s when online brand communication integrates seamlessly with the brand in the real world that the magic kicks-in.

A ripping example of new technology combining with the the good-ol’ real world is this CD promotion for Canadian band Jive Talk for their CD – ‘123 Jump’.

Created by Rethink Canada, this interactive CD package was designed to enhance their fans’ experience with the band. “We created an online animated experience using Augmented Reality and Quick Response codes. Fold the CD case to form the stage and scan the AR code to start the band’s “live” animated performance. Watch the animated Jive Talk members perform their title track, “123 Jump!”. The inner booklet shows each of the four band members. Scan the QR markers, place your Smart Phone over the band members’ mouths and watch the guys sing their music! Try experimenting with the music by scanning the band members at different times to remix the song, or break the song down and listen to each member individually.”

There’s plenty of new and interesting technology around – QR codes being just one – but it’s only when you see them combining so seamlessly such as with this project you get a sense of just how powerful a brand gesture they can create.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Designer of Integrated Brand Communications

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Jive Talk Project Credits
Agency: Rethink http://www.rethinkcanada.com
Photographer: Haruki Noguchi
Illustrator: Chairman Ting http://www.chairmanting.com
Programmer and Animator: Ken Malley

Listen to more from Jive Talk – http://jivetalk.bandcamp.com/album/123-jump

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