Ex-wife Bitter – the Power of a Brilliant Brand Name

packaging design agencyNothing’s Colder than an Ex.
The Truly Deeply brand team were enjoying a Friday arvo pub lunch up at The Clarendon a couple of weeks ago when one of our guys spotted a point of sale promo for Ex-wife Bitter. The brand name was so brilliant, at first impression we assumed it to be a made-up brand. But we were delighted to discover there really is a beer brand called Ex-wife bitter, and the brand language just got better with the tag line of ‘nothing’s colder than an ex’.

As we enjoyed our chicken parmas and pub steak sangas, we reflected on the brand building power of an extraordinary brand name. Few brand names create the memorable talk-ability as inspired as Ex-wife Bitter, and for a consumer brand like a beer, talk-ability goes a long way to launching a new brand and building market share. Especially for small brands lacking substantial marketing budgets, the ability to create a powerful brand asset like a name with this much kick is an opportunity to really punch above your weight. In the modern blokey world that is the majority of the market for beer brands this piece of inspired brand naming was always going to be a winner.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Creator of Brilliant Brand Names, not ex-wives

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