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Building Brand Identity Assets.
Few brands truly understand the value of creating and building equity in their brand’s visual assets to the extent of Facebook.

As a branding agency, we design dozens of strategically positioned brand identities every year for organizations as divers as retailers, government agencies, financial institutions and FMCG businesses. Once of the absolute necessities of this strategic design process is the establishment of a unique visual language for the brand. We believe it essential that a brand’s visual identity not only effectively ‘speak to the market’, but provide the right visual cues to communicate both the competitive proposition and the market positioning of the brand relative to it’s competitive set. But further than that, a brand must also own a visual asset in which to invest and build equity.

Facebook has done this most successfully with it’s now iconic ‘thumbs-up’ symbol. Arguably, the symbol is more identifiable with the brand than the Facebook logotype itself. As an organization, Facebook understands the active role it must play in building the equity in this visual brand asset, and they pull it out and leverage it at every opportunity such as at the opening of its first european data centre in Lulea, Sweden recently – no boring old-school red ribbon cutting here.

Love Facebook-or-not, you can’t question their ability to build equity in their brand and it’s visual assets. The big question for owners and managers of brands is; ‘Does your brand own a Visual Brand Asset? and if-so, what are you doing to build it’s equity?

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Creator of Visual Brand Equity

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