Sharing the Love. Melbourne Food & Wine Festival's Tasty Brand Campaign

A Tantalizing Brand Challenge
Melbourne is one of the great food cities of the world. Big statement I know – but having traveled through more than two dozen cities in different countries, through Europe and Asia over the last couple of years, I feel I’m well positioned to make the call. What a challenge then to create a brand each year for the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.

Having worked with a few of both over the years, in my experience Chefs are every bit as creative as designers – so developing a brand communications campaign for the Festival would be a brand brief with great expectations.

The 2012 Melbourne Food & Wine Festival which will run from the 2nd to the 21st of March is celebrating their 20th anniversary next year. So how to recognize and thank the food leaders who have driven the success of the event over the years whilst also creating a buzz for the upcoming festival?

The answer is Love.

With this ‘Love Ambush’, the Festival have created a viral brand property they can leverage into a strong, engaging broader campaign. A tasty piece of branding.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Retail Brand Designer
& TV aficionado
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Visit the Festival site here: Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

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