Movember – a Not for Profit Brand with Craft and Pride

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When it Comes to Brand, few Not-for-Profits Really Hit the Mark.
As a rule, not-for-profit organisations fall short of the mark when it comes to sophisticated brand development. Given the hugely competitive environment they play in, a clearly differentiated brand proposition provides a critical platform on which to build an effective brand. Then there are the organisations whose brands operate on another level altogether. These brands don’t see themselves as part of an unsophisticated market, but have a sense of who they are and how they’re unique within their very DNA. For these organisations connect with their market at the level all great brands do, and as a result, are the real bright lights in this category.

Global not-for-profit Movember is a leading example of this type of organisation. From it’s inception as a small charity in Australia, Movember intuitively understood how to weave cool and charity together, tapping into the mo-vibe in a way more akin to a fashion brand. The result is they’ve grown to a truly international organisation at the speed of lightening. This year Movember is celebrated in 14 countries, having raised over $36m as I write, and we’re not half way through the month.

Movember has a multi dimensional brand that is connecting with a huge league of Mo-bros around the world. Each element from the brand identity to the website design and social media program to commercial sponsorship is carefully crafted. And this year, they have added the powerful medium of film making to their brand communications mix. We’ve long been a fan of film as brandertainment, but few examples exist of truly entertaining content such as these short documentaries created for Movember under the theme of Craft and Pride: Movember is back in 2011 with a nod to the country gentleman and life in the great outdoors. Men with an appreciation of natural quality, craftsmanship and the simple pleasures in life will be roaming proud across the country, sporting facial finery; a genuine and authentic moustache.

Here’s a taste of the series – watch and enjoy.

At Truly Deeply we have a special affinity with not-for-profit organisations and their brands. We raise more than $20,000 each year for local charity through our Art with Heart event, and have worked with many not for profit organisations to position their brands for success. If you’re a not-for-profit, looking to take your brand to the next level, why not get in touch, we’d love to make a difference to how you go about making a difference.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Brand Creator
& Grower of Facial Hair
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