Harrods and Hermès; a clever brand gesture, a great brand partnership

We always love to share a great brand gesture, especially when it adds to the brand experience for the audience and creates a mutually beneficial brand partnership.

Harrods of London and Hermès have developed a great brand gesture that unites two brands beautifully as well as the online and retail experience worlds.

Throughout December, Harrods is hosting an exclusive Hermès in-store experience in their ‘Room of Luxury 2’ to celebrate 20 years of brand partnership and renew a bit of interest in Hermès’ scarfs.

In a new take on the department store makeover, Harrods have created a pop-up Hermès scarf shop where customers are encouraged to come and experience the magic of the Hermès scarf and brand.

Specialist stylists are in store to offer expert advice and demonstrate the many different ways a Hermès’ silk scarf can be worn. Once the fabulous new scarf look is created, customers can then be capture the moment in the ‘Paris Mon Ami’ photo studio.

The brand gesture is a clever sales tactic that not only highlights the positive impact a Hermès scarf can make to a woman’s appearance but it also reinvigorates the interest in scarfs as a fashion accessory, as we are all desperately looking for Christmas gift ideas. It also helps Harrods attract people into the store and showcase a their unique retail experience.

The in store promotion also links beautifully to the Hermès online campaign and their interactive online game ‘Scarf in the city’. The website encourages participants to upload photos of their favourite Hermes scarf and showcase unique and interesting ways they like to wear it, in the city.

Although inspired by Carrie and the ‘sex’ girls in Paris, the site promises to showcase scarfs and cities from all around the world. To see more click here.

While the northern hemisphere is using their scarfs to keep warm, the challenge is out there for now our Aussie girls to showcase the benefits of summer scarfs in our cities!

If you’ve seen some great brand gestures and partnerships or you’d like some help in building them for your brand, we’d love to hear from you!

Michael Hughes
Director of Brand Strategy

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